Writing Center Administrator Intern

-Developed and administered professional development sessions for writing                             consultants and teachers

-Developed writing resources for writing consultants/teachers,                                                   undergraduate students, graduate students, and multilingual students

-Administered the Writing Center—put together WC schedule, oversaw                                   online and face-to-face consulting sessions in the WC, and resolved issues                               with WC Online software

-Helped develop undergraduate (WRT 331: Peer Writing Consultant                                        Practicum), and graduate (WRT 600: Writing and Rhetoric for Multilingual                             Writers of English) courses administered by the Writing Center

                           Member, Lower Division Committee

The Writing Program, Syracuse University Fall 2010 and Spring 2011.

                         Member, Writing Center Committee

The Writing Program, Syracuse University Fall 2012 and Spring 2013.

                         Member, Future Professoriate Program

                         Syracuse University, 2010-2012

                        Member, Assigning, Responding, Reading and Grading  Student

Writing (ARRG) Project, The Writing Program, Syracuse University, Spring 2012.

                       Member, Online Reading Group

The Writing Program, Syracuse University, Fall 2012.

                      Member, Online Group on Working with Students with Disabilities

The Writer Center, Syracuse University, Spring 2013.



                     Teaching Mentor

-Served as “core faculty” during the Teaching Assistant Orientations Programs

-Served as a small group leader and mentor to approximately 300 new TAs

-Served as a session planner and presenter

-Participated in the development and implementation of TA program                                       activities throughout those academic years



                       English as a Second Language Teacher for Bhutanese Refugees in                           Syracuse, administered by Maxwell School, Syracuse University, Fall 2011.

                      Tutor, Syracuse University GED Tutoring Program at Auburn                                   Correctional Services, NY administered by the Writing Program, Syracuse                       University, Fall 2011.


                   Editor of Bilingual Dictionaries

-Collected and compiled Nepali/English vocabularies from various primary and                     secondary sources

– Translated those vocabularies into equivalent English/ Nepali vocabularies

-Edited giving the translation precision and exactness, and finally published the                     bilingual dictionaries (Nepali to English, and English to Nepali)

                Proposal Reviewer

Conference on Activism, Rhetoric and Research, Syracuse University, New York, 5th May, 2012.