Courses Taught

California State University, Northridge

Fall 2018

English 315: Digital Writing

English 113A: Approaches to University Writing

Fall 2015

DW 459: Digital Writing

English 113A: Approaches to University Writing

Spring 2015

English 654: Literacy, Diversity, and Technology

English 114B: Approaches to University Writing

Fall 2014

English 115

English 114A

Syracuse University

WRT 600: Advanced Writing and Rhetoric for Multilingual Writers of English (Co-taught with Dr. Iswari P. Pandey, Fall 2012)                                            

This course introduces multilingual writers of English to a variety of critical and rhetorical approaches to academic reading and writing, and helps them to identify and analyze the genre conventions and rhetorical practices valued in North American academic writing.

WRT 307: Professional Writing (“Workplace Communication”–Fall 2011)                                      

This course engages a variety of professional genres that are frequently encountered in the workplace, and teaches students to analyze audiences and situations, manage a sustained, multiple product project, work collaboratively, design and produce texts and graphics, conduct basic usability testing, and develop effective oral presentations.

WRT 205: Critical Research and Writing (“Composing Globalization”–Spring 2009, Spring and Fall 2010; “Multiliteracies in Motion”–Spring and Summer 2012)                          

This course engages the rhetorical strategies, practices, and conventions of critical academic researched writing.

WRT 205: Critical Research and Writing Online (“Multiliteracies in Motion– Summer 2012)                         

Online version of WRT 205 that focuses on the rhetorical strategies, practices, and conventions of critical academic researched writing.

WRT 120/220: Writing Enrichment                                    

These courses are independent studies in writing, and students are required to work one-on-one with a professional writing consultant for a minimum of 12 hours during a semester to complete them.

WRT 105: Academic Writing (“Representation of Poverty”–Fall 2008, Fall 2009; “Global Crises in Media: Interactions with Media and Media Interactions”–Fall 2013)                                        

This course focuses on the aims, strategies, and conventions of academic prose, especially analysis and argumentation, and engages students in the study and practice of writing processes, including critical reading, collaboration, revision, editing, and the use of technologies.

Pokhara University

Eng. 550.3 Theories of Globalization                                   

The course examines the themes, locations and representations of globalization from a variety of theoretical perspectives and invites students to investigate how the processes of globalization are embodied in specific texts and contexts.

Eng. 455.1 Discourses in the Disciplines                                    

This course studies how multiple discourses of literature, philosophy, history, and politics come together to construct certain discourse communities, and seeks to introduce students to the wide range and variety of English prose, leading to a critical awareness of the textuality of writing, which they can apply to their own writings.

 Eng. 440.1 Environmental Composition                                

This course takes an environmental approach to writing and studies literature in order to learn about the relation between nature and culture.

Eng. 425.1 Critical Approaches to Literature                         

This course attempts to orient the students towards various critical schools and approaches including traditional criticism, formalism, psychoanalysis, mythological and archetypal criticism, feminist criticism, cultural studies, Marxist criticism, structuralism and post-structuralism, and reader response criticism, and encourages them to apply those critical approaches to particular literary texts.

Tribhuvan University

Eng. 508.2 Non-Western Studies                                            

This course seeks to provide a countervailing balance to the primacy of the Western ideas and literature in the academic courses of universities of Nepal and elsewhere, therefore, integrates contribution of the diverse range of societies from China, Korea and Japan to Indian subcontinents to Persian and Arabian world to Africa, the Caribbean and the native settlers of the America to ideas, culture and literature of the world.

 Eng. 505-1 A General Survey of British and American Fiction                                                                       

This course is designed to offer students a critical-chronological survey of British and American fiction by examining them from a variety of theoretical perspectives: Marxism, Gender Studies, Deconstruction, Cultural Studies, Formalism, Reader Response criticism, and minority and post-colonial studies.

 Eng. 504-1 Creative Writing                                                      

The purpose of this course is to acquaint students with the processes involved in producing different types of creative texts ranging from poetry, fiction, and dram to films in order to scaffold their creativity in composing similar or different texts.

 Eng. 502-1 Critical Theories from Plato to Post-moderns         

This course surveys critical theories from ancient Greek time to the present. Therefore, the course comprises of selections from canonical critical texts from classical Greece to modern Western Criticism.