Digital Portfolio Assignment

  1. Digital Portfolio Assignment

The Assignment: Your final portfolio will showcase your work across this course. You may choose to revise and improve earlier pieces from your portfolio, or compose new pieces. You can use audio projects, video projects, and/or blogging projects. Your portfolio should take one of two forms:

3-Piece Portfolio: The three pieces you have already composed this semester, of which should be significantly revised.

4-Piece Portfolio: The three pieces you have already composed this semester, plus one more. You can choose from 1) a set of 5 new blog posts with a critical introduction on digital writing topics; or 2) a new 60 second video on a topic of your choice that is relevant to a wider audience.

The success of your Portfolio will be directly tied to how you think about, approach, and execute each of your projects. In addition to the three or four projects, you will describe, analyze, and assess the work in your Portfolio in a form of 2-page long reflection, and post it in the portfolio itself..

You should also consider the following:

You must be able to secure permission to use every element in your projects. When necessary, you may be required to secure written permissions. All work must be carefully cited.

 Exhibit and Submission: May 11