Introduction Prompts

Literacy Narratives

Literacy narrative is telling a story about reading and composing in print

and/or digital media.

Consider the following questions as you think through your literacy journey:

When and how did you learn to read or compose texts on papers and (or) screens?

What made that learning possible—schools, parents, community centers, relatives

or something/somebody else? What language(s) did you first use for reading,

writing and/or online activities? Is English your first language? When and how did

you learn to speak, read and write in English? What about computers and the

Internet? When and where did you first encounter them? What did you begin

with? What were the programs/applications you began your digital or cyber

literacy with? Where did you stand in relation to alphabetic literacy or digital literacy

in high school, for instance, and where are you now? If you speak more than one language, what is your degree of proficiency in each of them? How do they play out in your multiple literacy practices? Is your literate life informed by variables such as age, sex, gender, class, nationality or digital divide? And finally, what are your literacy priorities at this point?

Take next five minutes to jot down your thoughts around these prompts.