Project Web Assignment

Project Web Assignment

Group Project

For this small group project, you will create: A Website appropriate for a topic associated with Internet.  During the research and composing process for this project, you will propose a specific topic, gather and evaluate sources in multiple media, identify target audience, and compose and organize content appropriate for that target audience. While narrowing the scope of website down to something concrete and relatable and making an argument about specific topic of your choosing, your completed website must:

Effectively use elements of design: focal point, typography, color, etc.

Have a specific “feel”.

Feature a consistent look.

Look professional and (or) appropriate for the purpose.

Consist of at least 5 pages (or equivalent).

Must use appropriate navigation.

Use images, videos, songs, music, animations, interviews, print texts, and other appropriate and relevant resources throughout the site.

Include social media connections (Facebook “Like” or Twitter timeline or other widgets, if appropriate. Include all necessary content (No “work in progress” pages.)

When the website is complete and live, you need to identify ten potential users and conduct usability testing with them. Of course, you need to get consent forms signed before testing the website on them. And, based on the feedback from these test users, you need to revise the draft before making final presentation in the class.

A reflective blog post:

Connected with this project, you will also compose and post a 3-page long blog post on your site about the rhetorical situation and composition style; audience factor and source and language variety choice; audience and web design, and media and meaning-making resources. In other words, you must consider the dynamics of composing platforms and the content that can go with them, and how consideration of audience informs our rhetorical choices and vice versa. On top of that theoretical discussion, you should also explain your project’s target audience, context, purposes, and how consideration of all those rhetorical  factors impacted your design choices and decisions.

Some Group Presentation Guidelines

1. Plan out your presentation in such a way that every group member contributes equally to the presentation.

2. Your presentation should include–description of your topic (nobody except your group knows what you are working on), explanation of your research and design process, discussion of your  argument, design decisions (organization), and how your design decision supports or complements your claim in the website.

3. Make your presentation interesting/lively–demonstrate some videos, websites or other resources, and explain how they helped you make your argument.

4. Try to make your presentation interactive–ask questions, involve audience to discussion, and ask for audience feedback to your web design, content on the web etc. even during the presentation, and definitely at the end.

Individual Essay

In addition to the group project, each one of you will write an individual research proposal articulating your research plan/design. Each one of you will then write a 1,000 words essay on a topic associated with “Internet”, which demonstrates a good scholarly research. You will explore a set of very pointed questions around a particular issue, debate, idea or complexity related to your chosen topic. You can choose to work with the same topic that your group worked on. But, individually, you will make a claim about that topic, support your claim with evidence, and draw a logical conclusion following adequate exploration and discussion of issue or questions pertaining to that specific topic.

Some Specifics for Individual Essays:

  1. 2-3 scholarly sources
  2. 2-3 popular sources—images, blogs, videos, documentaries etc.
  3. Primary data—interview, observation, survey
  4. Consistent MLA citation.