Literary Analysis Assignment

This assignment asks you to compose a 6 page of critical/literary analysis of V.S. Naipaul’s novel,Half A Life by using insights and ideas from psychological and postcolonial approaches from Wilfred L. Guerin et al’s book, A Handbook of Critical Approaches to Literature. You might want to engage in a thorough analysis of that text and make an argument about it. Analysis might focus on a set of themes, characters, symbols and other figures, and rhetorical features of that text, such as audience, author, context, persuasive appeals/strategies, and diction and so on. You need to adequately describe the concepts or theoretical lenses from critical texts and discuss them in connection with the fictional text that you are analyzing. While using a set of critical texts to analyze a fictional work, you might need to make a number of moves—description, explanation, contextualization, interpretation, evaluation, synthesizing, thesis formulation, and so on. To ground your analysis in recent conversation, you should look to use three other scholarly sources that critically examine the novel from various vantage points.

Half A Life Discussion Questions