Collaborative Documentary Making Assignment

For this project, you will work collaboratively in a group of 4 and produce an 12 to 15 minutes of documentary film. You can choose any contemporary or historical topics for this project. Your documentary should incorporate a good amount and variety of sources—alphabetic texts (books, articles, newspaper editorials etc.), audios, videos, still images, interviews, animations and visual resources, among others- and be organically composed. It should also demonstrate your knowledge or learning of a number of techniques such as handling video camera, still camera, interviewing people, conducting field research, incorporating voice over into the film and/or editing skills. The juxtaposition of different texts and narrative voice and their organic unity will be the key evaluation criteria for your project. Your project should also reflect your understanding of audience, textual cohesion, and ethical treatment of sources etc.

You need to write a proposal, then script for the documentary before putting everything together in I-Movie or other movie making programs. And, you must secure permissions for all materials used in your project. You must give credit for all materials used in your project.

You will demonstrate skills in audio and video recording and editing to create a rhetorically effective text.

You will talk in a generally knowledgeable way about video texts, how to compose them, and how they are structured in terms of compositional elements.

You will demonstrate a consideration of purpose, information, audience, and other rhetorical considerations, as it they relate to your documentary topic.

Proposal Due: March 14

Documentary Screening in the Class: April 4

Final Documentary Link due to Canvas: April 4

Documentary Project Groups

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