Audio Movie Review Assignment

For this project, you will compose a short (5 minutes) audio review of Spike Jonze’s sci-fi movie Her using GarageBand in the style of radio programs in NPR. In the review, you will make creative use of sound effects, music, silence, and any other audio tools at your disposal to communicate your ideas.

Your review should be relevant to an educated audience beyond campus. It needs to be written in a style that will translate well into speech, a written piece adjusted into something more “talky” — a vocal performance. It should also display originality and technical execution, and should mix together at least three audio tracks (background music, your voice over/narrative, clips of dialogues from the movie, or director/producer or cast member’s interviews/commentary on the movie etc.).

In the composing part, you should make sure that your tracks are precisely edited and transition between tracks is natural and smooth. The principles of coherence, unity, organicity, and consideration of audience and media all come into play even in this medium. Therefore, your review script should be written with much care, and plan for the composition done intricately before recording and editing the tracks. Unless you have a effective delivery (output), all your behind the scene diligence hardly makes any sense in this media. Your final product should be exported in mp3 format and embedded in your website—which becomes a part of your digital portfolio that you exhibit towards the end of the semester.